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Non-drill bathroom accessories

Product rotation is essential when you manage a sanitary department.

Our non-drilling bathroom accessories rotate well because they fit current shopper trends of qualitative, convenient products that can be used without extensive DIY skills.

Convenience is a mega trend

DIY shoppers are on the lookout for retailers that can save them time and effort

DIY shoppers are on the lookout for retailers that can save them time and effort

Today’s DIY shoppers are attracted by retailers that can save them time and effort1, both when choosing and using the products they buy.

They want convenience.

Convenience is the experience that provides your customers with a feeling of ease. Market growth is fuelled by consumers investing in solutions that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable.  

In the competitive world of DIY retail, your products needs to stand out in the store and draw customers in. Your category needs to have something that makes it truly special and worthy of receiving the attention of shoppers. 

And that is what we bring to your sanitary department category with tesa® adhesive Bath Accessories. 

1) Deloitte 2020 Retail Industry Outlook, Convenience as a promise


“Don’t destroy my tiles!”


Many DIY'er do not want to drill in their walls because of the risk of destroyed membranes and craked tiles.

80% of consumers show a strong unwillingness to use a drill, and they hesitate to drill holes in their bathroom walls due to the risk of cracked tiles and damage to hidden water pipes and cables1.

And over 50% of households do not even own a drill2.

tesa® Bathroom Accessories are mounted with Power.Kit technology, a strong and patented adhesive fastening system. They allow your customers to:

- Save time

- Avoid uncomfortable accidents with cracked tiles, ripped shower membranes and leaking pipes

- Get the satisfaction of renovating their bathroom in an easy, convenient and stylish way


Statista / 2 Quantitative online study on consumer insights & understanding, multi country level 2012 (n=2.628)  

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All in one solution

How our adhesive system works

Every bath accessory is sold in a complete set with all components:

- A strong, yet removable glue that comes ready-to-use inside an applicator

- An adaptor with removable double-sided tape that indicates exactly how much glue to use

- The bath accessory

- An aleen key – no toolbox needed

Every tesa bath accessory provides a convenient all-in-one solution, as the smart glue applicator is included in the packaging and does not need to be purchased separately providing an attractive price point per product.

That is how we offer convenience to your customers.

We are Adhesive Experts

We have specialized in adhesives for over 125 years and offer sticky solutions for production industries, professional craftsmen and DIY’ers.

And we are the number 1 adhesives brand in Europe. If you need to make something stick, ask us!

We use our technical expertise and insights from various industries to create DIY products that improve the everyday life of our customers and empower them to renovate and create the home they want.

In our Bath Accessories series, we use two adhesive technologies:

1. Double-sided removable tape

2. Strong yet removable liquid glue

No drilling, no mess and easy to remove after use

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The cleanest glue offer on the market

  • - No mixing of powder and liquid.
  • - No molding of a lumpy dry paste.
  • - No runny glue to surfaces and fingers.

Our adapter provides the perfect dosage for the glue to allow for a drying time of just 12 hours, and the glue comes ready-to-use in a spray-in applicator.

Easy to use with minimal effort for your customer.

Removable without a trace

While strong in its normal use, the glue loses its adhesive strength when twisted in a rotary movement. Any small residues can be scraped and washed off with water and a soft sponge.

Let’s boost sales in your shelf space

Ad 3_Rotation Space

tesa Bathroom Accessories POS concept

Shelf space is limited and must be used wisely. Using the space effectively, directly influences the consumers decision making and increases customer purchase.

Our POS concept is designed to use the space efficiently and we offer flexible solutions to utilize the full potential for best possible rotation. Shoppers need to be guided not just by communication but also by a clear shelf structure in order to find the products they are looking for.

Our appealing shelf concept combines a consumer centric assortment segmentation with a variety of supporting communication tools and a touch and feel area to guide the shopper through the assortment in order to make purchasing decisions easy.

We offer you space management planograms and POS solutions fitted to your requirements and needs – whether you have stores with 0,5 meter shelf space or more than 6 meters shelf space, we provide a strong POS concept adapted to you to maximize your sell-out and profit.

Choose from our many design series and products

All together

tesa Bathroom accessories assortment

Our assortment of tesa bath accessories is created to satisfy a broad scope of DIY’ers, whether they look for high quality products, want convenient solutions or love great design.

The assortment covers timeless classic quality designs addressing different price points by varying in the choice of materials and added details such as frosted glass or soft-closing techniques.

The variety combines demanded categories within bathroom accessories for toilet and sink area, such as towel hooks and dispensers, plus accessories for shower and bath area, such as baskets and wipers, and much more.


Let’s boost sales in your digital channels and your webshop

E-commerce from tesa

E-commerce from tesa

Ecommerce and online purchasing is rising in the DIY sector. We offer professional e-commerce packages to get your webshop ready for traffic with a special focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and User Experience (UX).

Our e-commerce packages consist of:

- SEO product descriptions that search engines loves

- Keywords

- USPs to highlight features

- Beautiful pictures to inspire use and purchase

- Educational videos to show the easiness and remove barriers
Digital campaigns from tesa

Digital campaigns from tesa

We will invest in promoting this content in various digital touchpoints to accompany DIY’ers where they are and when they are ready. We have a big content offer to:

- Inspire consumers to start their DIY project

- Remove insecurity and understand exactly how it works

- Select the right product and buy

This is how we create further demand for our products and pull consumers towards your shelves and webshop.

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