Adhesive Tape Solutions for Automotive Seating

Adhesive Tape Solutions for Automotive Seating

From mounting to lamination – our tapes facilitate a comfortable and safe journey.

Pure Comfort and Safety

The latest automotive seating systems offer the perfect combination of comfort and safety. This leads to an increasing number of seat components driven by customer requirements. To make sure every demand is met, we develop self-adhesive tape solutions for seat applications.

We provide consultancy and support with regard to choosing the most suitable customised product and the right dispensing solution, implementing effective application methods, and testing according to individual requirements.

Seat Applications

Our tapes are ideally suited to the different steps of car seat assembly. Proven benefits of our system solutions include:

  • Permanent mounting of air ventilation unit, seat heaters, sensors and air cushion
  • Durable bonding and lamination of different materials, such as leather, foam, felt, textiles, metal and plastic
  • Enhanced driving comfort through elimination of BSR (buzz, squeak and rattle)
  • Bundling and mounting of harnesses