Anti-Scratch Felts


With our products, we would like to help you solve everyday problems. In this category, we’re offering you solutions enabling you to make risky areas safe from slipping as well as protecting floors and walls from damage. The anti-slip products are supremely suited to keeping carpets in place or minimising the danger of slipping on stairs, ladders and smooth floors. You can comfortably stick the anti-scratch pads, for example, under table and chair legs to avoid scratches on expensive parquet or laminate.

Reducing the Danger of Slipping, Avoiding Accidents

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In every home, there are areas where there is a particularly high danger of slipping. These include in particular staircases, basement stairs, ladders and smooth floors. If there are children in the house, the risk is multiplied. Then it’s a good thing to take appropriate measures in time to drastically minimise the danger of slipping with our anti-slip solutions. The anti-slip products have a high adhesive power, can be used both inside and outside and have a rough, sturdy coating ensuring steady footing.


Soft Sliding Instead of Scratchy Noise

Our anti-scratch felts and protection buffers safeguard your floor covers and walls from damage, but also your ears from annoying scratchy noises. If you fit chair legs with anti-scratch felts, for example, you won’t have to worry about your expensive laminate or parquet any longer. The chairs slide gently and noiselessly over sensitive surfaces. With our protection buffers on the other hand, you can protect your walls from handles that touch the walls and create unattractive spots. Anti-slip solutions and anti-scratch felts – little helpers solving everyday problems!