Craft Assortment

Get your Craft On

Glue it, Tape it, Spray it, Stick it - Our craft assortment allows you to let your creativity flow

Get Crafty

Handcrafted crown: Cut out the pieces

Cut It, Stick It, Create It

For some, craft is a living or it is a hobby, but for everyone craft is fun, a skill that can be taught to all ages, the only limit is your imagination.

Create eye catching and heartwarming greeting cards with our double sided tape and innovative glue stamp, embelish papercrafts with the fun and colourful glitter glue, or use our spray glue to spray on large area textiles to mount onto frames or make cushions. 

Let your imagination run free with our range of double sided adhesive tapes, glues and spray glues, to make your craft dreams come true. 


tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo

Quick, Clean and Innovative - tesa® Glue Stamp

tesa Glitter Deco

Personalise your Papercraft - tesa® Glitter Glue

tesa glue spray extra strong

Mount textiles to frames - tesa® Spray Glue


Wrap Like a Pro - tesafilm®

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