tesa® Smart Mounting System

Secure Mounting and Hanging

The future of fastening has begun! Drilling and hammering are yesterday's news. With the fastening solutions from tesa® you can decorate your living space completely stress-free. Whether on brickwork, in the bathroom, or on the new wallpaper in the bedroom - there is a suitable adhesive solution for almost every surface.

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tesa solutions for mounting and hanging

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A Mounting System for the Way We Live Now

The way we live is changing. More of us aspire to “live lightly,” using only what we need, when we need it: An on-demand life. We move more often and want less stuff. But we still need stability, something to rely on. Our homes are more important to us than ever. Traditional wall-mounting methods no longer suit the way we live. We don’t want to have to use tools. We’d like to wall mount when and where we choose.

You can now conveniently wall mount almost anything, on any surface, with the new tesa® Smart Mounting System. Innovative products that make mounting totally hassle-free. The range includes products developed for mounting on wallpaper and plaster, which are adjustable and removable. When it comes to mounting, we provide easy-to-use solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. So, what will you wall mount today?