Removable Adhesive hooks – a secure hold without drilling

Powerstrip Removable Adhesive Hooks

If you want to mount lightweight decorative objects to window panes, mirrors or are looking to hang a towel in the bathroom, our removable adhesive hooks are the ideal solution. These versatile hooks can be used in many areas of the home, like the kitchen, bathroom or main living area. The adhesive hooks are easy to attach with our proven Powerstrips® technology, and can be removed without leaving a trace, and can also be effortlessly reused with a new adhesive strip. For that reason, tesa Powerstrips® removable adhesive hooks are particularly suited if you redecorate.

A Hook for Everything

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tesa Powerstrip® Adhesive hooks are one of the simplest and neatest ways to store or hang thousands of different household items. If you’re looking for ways to organise your home and declutter your space, tesa can help. With a wide range of hooks, there is a way to hang just about anything. Coat hooks, wall hooks and picture frames are just the start. The range includes stylish hooks in either plastic or metal finishes that can be used anywhere in the home, either to hang utensils in the kitchen or hang up a towel in the bathroom. tesa Powerstrip® removable adhesive hooks give you the option to hang items for as long as you like before removing the hooks without leaving any adhesive residue. You’ll find waterproof adhesive hooks for bathroom and kitchen storage as well as transparent adhesive hooks for when you want an almost-invisible solution. In short, if you want to hang something up, we can help. Our hook finder will guide you quickly to the perfect product.