tesa Waterproof Hook

Waterproof Hooks

The most important thing about bathroom hooks is that they’re waterproof. Only then can they securely hold towels, shower gels, toothbrushes and other bathroom utensils over the long term. But the wall tiles in bathrooms often make it very difficult to drill a hole into a wall because surfaces are invariably damaged. That isn’t necessary though! Self-adhesive bathroom hooks can provide a powerful grip and thus objects can be hung on them reliably.

Waterproof Powerstrips® Technology as the Foundation for Bathroom Hooks

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Thanks to the continued development of our Powerstrips® technology, handy items for the bathroom and shower can be hung on bathroom hooks safely. The hooks can hold up to 2 kilograms, so you can also hang bathrobes or large towels on them without any problems. The key to this impressive adhesive power is the optimal bond between surface and adhesive strips, which is achieved with the aid of a primer tissue. Feel free to leave your power drill in the cupboard. You won’t need any tools to install your bathroom hooks. After carefully cleaning the wall, just stick the hooks to the wall. And once you no longer require the bathroom hook, you can simply remove it without any residue. Find out more about our smart adhesive solutions for bathrooms!