Anti-Slip Tape for Stairs

Anti-Slip Tape

Every home and office has areas where the danger of slipping is higher than elsewhere. Besides stairs and loose carpets, there are also rooms where increased moisture makes it more likely for people to slip and fall. We have developed anti-slip products which minimise the risk and ensure safe footing. With our practical anti-slip products, you can avoid unnecessary accidents, especially when small children or elderly people frequently use the risk areas.


Our High-Quality Anti-Slip Tapes Provide Safety

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To reduce the danger of slipping on stairs, ladders and slippery floors, tesa anti-slip tape has to be very robust and sturdy. Therefore, our products are resistant against UV light, temperature, water and cleaning fluids, and can also be used outdoors. For the anti-slip tapes to achieve their maximum effect, you should follow the instructions of use strictly and precisely. Among other things, it’s very important that you thoroughly clean the surface, ideally with cleaning alcohol or a silicon-free cleaning agent. Silicon is not suitable as it would negatively affect adhesive performance. While the anti-slip tape and anti-slip strips are powerful adhesives, the anti-slip mat only has to be placed under a carpet to stop it from slipping.