Adhesive Pads

Adhesive Pads

Our double-sided adhesive pads are particularly suited for short-term fixing of lightweight objects to walls, window panes, notice boards or mirrors. Whether you’d like to stick up notes at the office or postcards in your home, tesa TACK® is a smart alternative to magnets or drawing pins. The double-sided adhesive pads can be used multiple times and can easily be removed.


tesa® TACK – Double-Sided Adhesive Pads as an Alternative to Magnets or Drawing Pins

Whether it’s for reminders, an overview of appointments, business cards by the phone, or a to-do list on the monitor, our tesa TACK® double-sided adhesive pads let you attach lightweight objects made of paper or cardboard to solid objects in a flash. Removing them later is just as quick. The double-sided adhesive pads can be used flexibly, cleanly and for many purposes both at the office and at home. They are a practical alternative to magnets and drawing pins. For strong long-term fixation, use Powerstrips adhesive strips (removable) or Powerbond mounting tapes (permanent).

Note: To achieve maximum adhesive performance, the surface should be clean of dust and dry.




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