Repairing Tapes

In an average home, there always seems to be something broken. Sometimes it’s a leaky pipe, or sometimes a cable needs to be re-insulated. It’s a good thing then, to have a reliable repairing tape from tesa at hand. With that, you can help yourself in emergencies, giving you time to decide whether you want to call in an expert for a more permanent repair or replace the broken object altogether. Learn about our high-quality repairing tapes

There's always something to repair…

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If you have your own home or flat, you will instantly be able to confirm the saying “Nothing lasts forever”. As soon as you’re finished in one place, another problem appears somewhere else. To be prepared for all kinds of emergencies, you should keep some repairing tape at home. You can use it to limit the damage and then calmly think through your next steps. In many cases, using a cloth tape already provides the solution; in others, repairing tapes like plumbers tape, offers temporary solutions and prevents the situation from getting any worse until an expert arrives.


Repairing Tapes Provide Effective Relief

An old book is in danger of falling apart, water is dripping from the pipe under the sink, the shower head is leaking, there’s a tear in a bicycle saddle, the car’s bumper is drooping after a minor accident, or the coating of an electric cable is torn: These are just a small examples of possible situations where a sturdy gaffer tape from tesa is helpful. We recommend that you always keep some repairing tape in your cupboard! Only that way can you react immediately and prevent the problem from getting worse. Learn about all the advantages of our product range now!