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There’s almost always something broken in every home. Sometimes it’s a leaking pipe, other times a cable needs to be re-insulated. At times like these, it’s good to have a reliable repair tape from tesa at hand. It allows you to quickly fix problems yourself, giving you time to decide whether you want to hire an expert to make a permanent repair or replace the defective piece. Learn more about our high-quality and robust repair tapes below.

The new Ultra Power series – the strongest repair tapes from tesa®


tesa® Ultra Power Extreme repair tape

tesa® Ultra Power Extreme is a versatile repair tape with high adhesive strength that prevents small emergencies from ruining big adventures.

This repair tape sticks reliably to smooth and rough surfaces. This high-quality tape is suitable for a wide range of applications – repairing holes, cracks, splits, tears and broken parts. The tape works well, even in extreme weather conditions and at temperatures from -15°C to +90°C


tesa® Ultra Power clear repair tape

As the name suggests, tesa® Ultra Power Clear is transparent and helps when invisible repairs are needed.

This repair tape is particularly suitable when glass or plastic needs to be repaired, and the repair should not be visible. Regardless of whether the substrate is smooth, uneven or fabric, this repair tape can be used to discreetly repair cracks, splits and tears.

Whether your issue is a loose car light, a leaky tent, or another type of emergency repair, you can use tesa® Repair Tape Ultra Power Clear without worry. 


tesa® Ultra Power underwater repair tape

The waterproof tesa® Ultra Power Under Water is the ideal companion for all adventurers.

With its powerful bond, this thick and reliable tape is perfect for outdoor adventures. Its high adhesive strength provides a strong hold and allows you to make repairs even under water, on wet surfaces and in outdoor areas. 

Repair tape for various applications

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If you own a house or a flat, you’ll probably agree with the old adage that “nothing lasts forever”. When you’ve finished in one place, there’s always something else somewhere. To be prepared for emergencies of all kinds, you should always keep repair tape at home. You can use it to limit damage and give yourself time to consider your next step. In many cases, cloth tape can be used as a permanent solution, in other cases, repairing with tape is a temporary solution that will ensure the situation does not get worse until a repairman arrives.

Repair tape provides effective help

An old book is falling apart. The water pipe under the sink is leaking. The shower head is dripping. There is a tear in the bicycle saddle. The car’s bumper is coming loose after a minor accident. The insulation on an electrical cable has been torn: These are just a few of the situations where a robust cloth tape from tesa will come in handy. We recommend that you always keep repair tape in your home.