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Mounting and Hanging

Securely hang up just about anything – from mirrors to postcards – and take them down whenever you want. With our range of mounting tapes, hook and loop tapes, flooring tapes, adhesive hooks or adhesive pads, you can find various adhesive products for attaching or hanging all kinds of objects.

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The Right Solution for Nearly Every Mounting Problem

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We constantly develop our adhesive technology, thus lending our products ever increasing adhesive strength. You can find many solutions in this category to problems that not too long ago could only be solved with the aid of a power drill or other tools and aids. Today, tesa Powerstrips® adhesive hooks are the obvious choice in the bathroom or kitchen to hang up towels or oven gloves. Our new tesa® Smart Mounting System, based on two smart technologies, makes it possible for you to reliably wall mount items that weigh up to 10 kg per screw on rough surfaces, indoors and outdoors


Adhesive Products and Adhesive Solutions – Smart Alternatives to Drills and Hammers

The most obvious disadvantage of power drills is that they damage walls. As long as the object is attached to the wall, that’s perfectly fine. But what happens when you move? Or if your taste changes and you need to redecorate? Or you live in rental accomodation where you are not allowed to drill into the walls? Then you’ll have to fill in the drill holes and possibly repaint the wall too. Our adhesive solutions can (in most cases) be removed without a trace after use, do not cause damage, and give you flexibility. Especially on sensitive surfaces or tiles, these characteristics are an invaluable help. What other benefits do our adhesive products and mounting solutions offer? They can be applied easily, do not cause noise or dirt, and are simply indispensable helpers!