Powerful adhesive nails as an alternative to iron nails. Leave the hammer on the rack!

Smart Mounting System - Adhesive Nails

Our adhesive nails offer easy-to-mount hanging solutions for countless objects and reliable hold on different surfaces, including tiles, wallpaper, and plaster.

A Different Way to Hang Things Up

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tesa® Smart Mounting System Adhesive nails provide a useful alternative to the hassle associated with hammer and nails. They are a truly reliable wall-hanging solution that remove the need to take out your toolbox. Our adhesive nails offer you the freedom to hang multiple objects on different surfaces, even sensitive ones like wallpaper or plaster.

Change Your Mind and Want to Redecorate or Move an Object? No Problem

Our adhesive nails are mounted with tesa Powerstrips® technology and can be removed without a trace. So you can move them whenever you want, leaving your surfece clean and intact. The range includes tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nails that allow you to change the height of your object at any time, or to line up one, two, or more objects with each other.

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tSMS 77775 Adjustable Screw

tesa® Smart Mounting System Adhesive Nail


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