Reinforced Tapes

tesa mono and cross weave reinforced filament packaging tapes are strong and flexible with holding power you can rely on.

FIlament Packaging Tapes



Our filament tapes are used for heavy cartons in excess of 30kg due to their robust characteristics. Due to their strength thay are also  suitable for strapping of pallets during shipping. tesa offer two versions of filament packaging tapes, the monfilament tesa® 4590 and the crossweave tesa® 4591

A filament adhesive tape consists for the most part of a strong carrier, like PET (polyethylene / polyester) fitted with a strong pressure-sensitive adhesive which can be a synthetic rubber adhesive or acrylic adhesive. Fiberglass filaments or polyester filaments are laminated to the film and by this incorporated into the material to support tear-resistance, Fiberglass filaments are one of the most important construction materials in use.