tesa 4313 Paper Packing Tape

Paper Packing Tapes

Ideal for light-duty holding and bundling applications.

Paper Packaging Tape

tesa® 57180 ecoLogo® Paper Packaging Tape

tesa® 57180 ecoLogo® Paper Packaging Tape

As well as filmic and reinforced packaging tapes, tesa has tesa® 4313 paper packaging tape. Whether you require a packaging tape that is unobtrusive and matches the cartons appearance or you are looking to print your company logo on the tape, tesa paper packaging tapes meet your requirements.

tesa paper packaging tapes like tesa® 4313 have a very strong adhesion and initial tack and offer immediate seal on double flute boxes which need a stronger initial adhesion level due to the higher pressure of the flap pressure. tesa® 4313 is suitable for sealing of light to medium cartons of weights up to 30kg and can be used to store goods at temperatures up to 35°C.

If you are concious about the environment, as part of our ecoLogo® range, tesa tesapack® 57180 which is solvent free and has a 100% recycled cardboard core but the same reliability of tesa® 4313