Fly Screens for Doors – tesa® Insect Stop

Protecting Doors

House, balcony and patio doors are often vulnerable points where the living and sleeping areas have to be protected from insects in the warmer months of the year. With our fly screens for doors, you can turn your home into a veritable fortress! At night, you’ll definitely be relieved that you mounted fly screens on the doors. No more annoying buzzing flies, no mosquito bites and no spiders crawling everywhere.


Protect Your Balcony and Patio Doors with a Fine-Mesh Fly Screen!

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There you are, yearning for the warm months of the year, and then you get this: Insects spread out across your home causing chaos. Mosquitoes bite and make your skin itch, flies keep buzzing around your bed all night and terrorise your sleep, while spiders scare half the family to bits and wasps? well, they are just wasps… With our fly screens for doors, you can quickly and easily prevent this and enjoy the summer in all its glory!

Our range includes fly screens for nearly every type of door. All of them can be mounted quickly, and usually without additional tools, they are also removable, you can remove the fly screens for doors in just a few steps. People who are allergic to insect bites will be particularly delighted by our products developed to protect them effectively and reliably from flies, mosquitoes, wasps, spiders and other insects. Safeguard yourself and your family and enjoy the summer months without any pests!