Desk and Office

Desk and Office

High commitment, clear structures and high-quality office materials are the prerequisites for successful desk work – whether at the office or at home. In our range, you will find office supplies that enable you to comfortably glue, mark, package or correct. With all of the products, you benefit from the proven tesa adhesive technology, with adhesive force you can fully rely on. Desk dispensers, glues for crafts, glue sticks, sticky notes, adhesive pads and correction rollers – discover all the advantages of our various adhesive solutions now!

Saving on Office Supplies Is Saving in the Wrong Place

Some people can supposedly work better in a chaotic environment, but most prefer a clean desktop with sensibly selected office supplies. Here, the most important aids should always be within reach. These certainly include some desk supplies you can find in our assortment, for example, adhesive tape dispensers (hand or desk dispensers), glue sticks, sticky pads and correction rollers. For the office supplies to truly contribute to productivity at the end of the day, you absolutely must pay attention to quality. After all, what’s a cheap product worth when you end up with annoying extra effort because you have to redo everything or keep fixing small mistakes?


tesa® – the Ideal Partner for "Sticky Office Supplies"


When it comes to sticky products, we are the experts. Thanks to our innovative adhesive solutions, we can look back on a long and successful company history. And because we keep optimising our existing products and developing new ones, our success story continues unabated. Our range of office supplies, which some time ago used to consist almost exclusively of tesafilm® and related solutions, is today highly multifaceted and differentiated. Even laser printers are not safe from our love for innovation. With our fine dust filters, you can protect yourself (and your colleagues) from dangerous fine dust and enjoy clean air at work.