Adhesive Remover. Clean Business.

The world is full of adhesives that cannot always be removed without residue. Many labels, price tags and adhesive stickers fall into that category. One option would be to painstakingly scratch off the adhesive residue over an excruciatingly long period of time. But a much better solution is our adhesive remover. With it, you can remove not only adhesives but also grease, tar, resin and other kinds of dirt quickly, easily and reliably. The silicon-free adhesive remover is non-damaging to the surface (e.g. plastic, glass or metal) and even leaves behind a pleasant scent!

Comfortably Removing Adhesive, Grease and Other Residues

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Sometimes it’s a price tag that persistently insists on staying stuck. Sometimes it’s stickers in the kid’s room that the little ones no longer love. And sometimes it’s adverts stuck to business or car rear windows that have to be removed – but it feels like they might well last for all eternity… For these and similar cases, there’s a smart and comfortable solution – the adhesive remover from tesa®! Residue from adhesives, grease, tar, resin and other kinds of dirt just needs to be sprayed with the remover, and after a short time it can be removed with a clean cloth.


Scratching Residue off Isn’t the Best Solution

Frequently people try to scratch adhesive residue off with a utility knife, a scraper or even a razor blade. That’s not only a tiring task but also a risky one for the surface as it can very easily leave marks. If you’re looking for a clean and comfortable alternative, you’re in the right place on this website. With our adhesive/glue remover, you can get rid of stickers, adhesive tapes and countless other objects in no time at all. tesa® – we’re the experts in not only ATTACHING but also REMOVING adhesive solutions of all kinds!