tesa® 51948 Black X Easysplice

Changing the Game for High-slip Film Splicing

The Need for Speed – and Precision

You know that splicing high-slip films – such as low-density polyethylene, or anything with a high degree of slip additive – at high speeds can be difficult, at best. The most common slip additives used to reduce film tackiness are organic waxes. They provide a lower friction coefficient on the substrates but migrate to the film’s surface and create a “boundary layer,” which reduces the wetting effect of the splicing tape – and can lead to web breaks during the splicing process.


The Old Way
Traditional solutions to splicing high-slip films – like liquid glues and additional tapes – are complicated and cumbersome. Liquid glues and extra tapes can limit your ability to splice at speed for applications such as bread bags or toilet paper wraps. This costs time and money.


A Trouble-free Solution from tesa
Now you can simplify splicing high-speed flexible packaging films – without sacrificing speed or efficiency. tesa® 51948 EasySplice FilmLine Black X is a new, very high-contact adhesive that provides excellent wetting properties on high-slip films. tesa® Black X combines speed and precision to change the game for high-slip films.


Collaborating with customers, we developed a flying splice tape with an integrated splicing strip. tesa® Black X was designed specifically for low-surface energy substrates like polyethylene films with a high amount of slip.

Watch the video to experience the benefits of tesa® 51948

Product Backing Colour Tack Thickness w/o liner [μm/mil] Adhesion Sheer Resistance Tensile Strength [N/cm]
tesa 51948 PET Black ●● 70

tesa® 51948 EasySplice FilmLine Black X Makes the Difference

  • Runs at high speeds (up to 3,000 ft/minute) with no slowing, no adjustments and no interruptions
  • Adheres quickly during the splice and with a very small amount of pressure
  • Eliminates the hassle and mess of glues and additional tapes
  • Eliminates web breaks
  • Reduces waste
  • Performs well on recycled films and non-woven materials