Radiator Insulation via Heat Reflector Foil

Radiator Heat Reflector Foil

In any house, there are many areas that can lead to energy loss which inturn increases heating costs. Besides the roof, doors and windows, the wall behind a radiator is one such area. To prevent unnecessary costs, it’s advisable to install radiator insulation. Then the warmth will stay where it should be, keeping your living space comfortably warm. It just takes a few steps to put up radiator foil.

tesamoll® – Saving Energy and Costs by Insulating a Radiator

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The radiator heat reflector foil is one of the smart tesamoll® products that enable you to save energy in no time at all. While our tesamoll® draught excluder seals and profiles help reduce energy loss via doors and windows, our radiator insulation ensures that the warmth that would otherwise be absorbed by the wall behind the radiator is reflected into the room.

Insulating Radiators via Heat Reflector Foil… Child's Play Even for Amateurs

You don’t need to be an expert to install radiator insulation. All you need is the tesamoll® radiator foil, a tape measure and scissors. You simply measure the area behind the radiator, cut the foil to the right size, and then place it behind the radiator. Unlike most tesa® products, adhesive doesn’t play any role here since that would actually be counterproductive. Gluing the foil to the wall with an adhesive tape could lead to mould formation.

tesaMoll® Easy to Use
tesaMoll® Heat Reflector Foil Slips Down Behind the Radiator
tesaMoll® Heat Reflector Foil Stops Heat Seeping into the Wall
Cut tesaMoll® Heat Reflector Foil to Size