Huge DIY Wall Calendar

Huge DIY Wall Calendar

Practical and attractive, this huge DIY calendar is the stylish way to think ahead. You’ll be amazed how quick it is to make this brilliant giant DIY calendar for your hall wall. It’s not only very useful, but an eye catching style statement as well! It’s based on easy-to-find CD jewel cases. So, are you ready to get organised?

Level of difficulty : For ambitious hands

How it's done:


We need: a sheet of plywood 83.5cm x 102.5 x 0.6cm – painted white, 35 empty CD jewel cases, sheets of cardboard in different shades of blue, white self-adhesive numbers, a hand drill, an art scalpel, a metre rule or yardstick, a pencil, cutting mat, wipeable marker pen, mounting tape for tiles & metaltesa® adjustable adhesive nails for wallpaper & plaster 1kg x4 (2 packs)

Overview of materials needed for a DIY wall calendar


The first task is to drill holes in the sheet of plywood, so that you can safely mount your calendar on the wall. Before you start, use a pencil and ruler to mark their position. The top two should be 1.5cm from each edge, and at the bottom of the sheet the holes should be 1.5cm from the sides and 6.5cm from the lower edge.

tesa SE
Drilling holes in the DIY calendar.


Cut your coloured card to fit the CD cases. You’ll need 7 of each of the 5 shades of blue. Then slip the cards into the 35 cases.

tesa SE
Putting cardboard backing into CD cases to make a DIY calendar.


Now it’s time to stick on your numbers. Carefully apply them to the corner of each case - the first case should be left blank.

tesa SE
Applying self-adhesive numbers to CD cases when creating a DIY calendar.


Take your mounting tape for tiles & metal and cut a 13cm long strip for back of each CD case. Apply it by pressing it firmly all along the entire strip. This activates the Powerbond® technology of the mounting tape.

tesa SE
Making a DIY calendar – using mounting tape for tiles & metal to mount CD cases


One by one, remove the protective film from the mounting tape for tiles & metal from each case.

tesa SE
Making a DIY calendar – removing the backing from mounting tape for tiles & metal


The CD cases should go on to the backing sheet 3cm from the outer edges and 1.5cm from each other. It’s a good idea to mark their positions lightly in pencil before you start. Open the covers of the cases and press them into place for minimum of 5 seconds to get as close a bond as possible.

tesa SE
Using mounting tape for tiles & metal to mount CD jewel cases when making a DIY calendar


Apply the four tesa® adjustable adhesive nails for wallpaper & plaster 1kg to the wall following the instructions in the pack. The adjustability means you can line up the two nails after application. Hang the calendar using the holes you drilled earlier.

tesa SE
Hanging the DIY calendar using tesa® adjustable adhesive nails for wallpaper & plaster 1kg


Apply the rubber nuts on the tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nails for Wallpaper & Plaster 1kg to keep your DIY calendar in place for as long as you like. If you want to remove it, it will leave no trace on your wall.

tesa SE
Completing application of the tesa® adjustable adhesive nails for wallpaper & plaster 1kg when wall-mounting a DIY calendar.


It’s so quick to create this! Plan the month with places to keep tickets, notes and write appointments, too.

Enjoy your new blue DIY wall calendar in your hallway!

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