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Creating solutions that are built to last

Innovation is driving up the quality standards in automotive manufacturing, and one area in particular that has taken big strides forward is the design of human-machine interfaces (HMI). Many of today’s HMIs are fully interactive and have touch screen capabilities, so they need to stay in good condition for the lifetime of the vehicle. Our high-performance optically clear adhesive (OCA) plays a key role in assembling displays and delivering that longevity.

Setting the standards in excellence

Our OCA products perform key functions vital for automotive display:

  • Protection from the impact of UV light
  • Maintain very high light transmission levels
  • Reduce reflection
  • Improve shock absorption.

Our expertise in functional tapes also allows us to address three of the key challenges areas that manufacturers have, which we explain in full in the following videos.

Outgassing resistance
Lamination process of OCA vs. OCR
UV block

Let’s get technical

In the following blogs we take a closer look at two of the key considerations when creating HMI displays in the automotive sector – UV protection for OLED displays, and the prevention of yellowing in display components. Read on to discover how we mastered both.

Your supportive global partner

At tesa, we work with many major manufacturers the world over, helping them shape the future of HMI in the automotive sector. So, if you are looking for a global partner who can support you with reliable, cost-effective, and contemporary products, we have the proven track record of success.

Whether it’s a traditional flat display, a large curved display, a head-up display, or a smart surface, you can count on our adhesive tape solutions and reliable and efficient production processes. Be creative, be innovative, because with tesa anything is possible.  

Set us a challenge…

Defying design conventions is something we are passionate about. Our products are engineered to break boundaries, giving your teams the potential to push the limits even further. We would love to hear from you about your latest challenges in display technology, so why not drop us a line and find out how our experts can help.
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