Electronics: Structural Bonding Application

Secure Component Mounting of Your Electronic Device

Our adhesive tapes for component mounting offer reliable bonding inside and outside your electronic devices.

Our Mounting Solutions Help Assemble Many Types of Components

Tapes have to fulfil various requirements as they are used to mount various components during device assembly. We can meet any challenge with our extensive product family. Besides balanced adhesion, wetting properties, gap filling and ageing stability, we also offer removable/reworkable tapes and anti-repulsion tapes for secure “around the edge” fixation. In addition, our portfolio includes products for light management, heat management and electrical grounding.

Typical Areas of Application

  • Camera lens mounting
  • Camera mounting
  • Antenna mounting
  • Logo bonding
  • PCB mounting
  • FPC mounting
  • Gasket mounting
  • Mesh mounting
  • Backlight unit mounting
  • Speaker solutions, e.g. speaker mounting, membrane lamination and speaker dome mounting

Product Features

  • Excellent push-out performance
  • High-drop shock resistance
  • Reliability under changing environmental conditions
  • Excellent final adhesion
  • Conformable (around the edge)
  • Reworkable or removable