The same tesa® standards,
with reduced
CO2 in production

Same performance, same value

ITC Mounting_icon1_1080x1080
The same great tesa® product
ITC Mounting_icon2_1080x1080
Generates 40%1 less CO₂
ITC Mounting_icon3_1080x1080
Performs just as effectively during testing

Biomass balance approach to CO2 emission reduction

We adopted the biomass approach to replace fossil feedstock with biologically derived feedstocks. This meant a reduction in CO₂ emissions without any changes to the production process, and the same reliable performance.

Same versatility in application

The new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen tape is no less capable than the previous version. Testing has shown that performance remains as high, meaning there is the same versatility in its applications across a variety of industries. 


ITC Mounting_Aviation_2560x1440
Securing LED lighting to the flooring within commercial airliners
Point of Sale
Securing pricing displays in the retail environment
Closing packaging
Building and furniture components
Maximum bonding safety for building elements and interior fit-out
Securing small (and tricky) components

Conclusion: Similar properties and adhesion values give the new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen tape the same advantage in performance over other adhesive solutions. Combined with our decades of industry know-how and focus on more sustainable use of resources, we are on the path to a more sustainable product line.

We believe that collaboration brings benefits. When we work together, good things happen. See how we can help meet your requirements for both performance and sustainability – calculate the potential savings in CO2 with the new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen tape in place of the tesa® 4965 Original

Calculate your potential carbon footprint

Calculate the level of CO2 emission reduction by using tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen. Enter a few details on your product´s dimensions and receive results explained that will help you grasp the savings to be made. Visit our calculator tool today.

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