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The innovative tape solution for automotive display design

The shape of what's to come

Curved or straight, the choice is yours when it comes to display technology. Thanks to our high-performance optically clear adhesive (OCA), you can push the boundaries of display designs. This is an exciting time for innovation, so let us explain how our range of adhesive solutions can help you take your HMI designs even further.

Adhesive solutions for display challenges

Our adhesive solutions are used to bond a huge variety of different elements inside display designs. In our interactive 3D curved display and HUD model below, you can see the proper installation of our tapes, such as OCA, TCT or frame mounting tapes. Simply tap on any of the hotspots to expand the view and learn more about the features and benefits in that layer.

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Raising the bar for display innovation with OCA

We understand the challenges you face with HMI design, but we believe you should have the utmost confidence when it comes to optical display integration with tesa® OCA, and the industry experts share that belief.

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 A trusted opinion

Our OCA products perform three key functions which are vital for automotive display. They protect the display stack from damage by UV light, increase light transmission, and reduce reflection. Benefits that leading experts like Prof. Karlheinz Blankenbach, founder of the world-renowned Display Lab, feel are very important for the future of display technologies.

Your supportive global partner

At tesa, we work with many major manufacturers the world over, helping them shape the future of HMI in the automotive sector. So, if you are looking for a global partner who can support you with reliable, cost-effective, and contemporary products, we have a proven track record of success.

Whether it’s a traditional flat display, a large curved display, a head-up display, or a smart surface, you can count on our adhesive-tape solutions and reliable and efficient production processes. Be creative, be innovative, because with tesa anything is possible.

Tesa - Future of Display Design - High performance

Trust our high-performance OCA for strength and clarity

Discover how we are driving innovation in OCA and, in turn, helping to raise the quality standards in HMI design. From UV protection for OLED displays, to the prevention of yellowing, our work is delivering the product longevity that the automotive manufacturers have been looking for.

Set us a challenge

Defying design conventions is something we are passionate about. Our products are engineered to break boundaries, giving your teams the potential to push the limits even further. We would love to hear from you about your latest challenges in display technology, so why not drop us a line and find out how our experts can help.
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