Plastic Bonding Easily

Bonding Plastic on Plastic Easily

With so many different types of plastic available, it is hard to make sure you can bond them together reliably - tesa® HiPs will change the way you think about this

tesa HiP car

tesa HiP - The Future of Vehicle Production

Due to their strength, rigidity and improved moulding techniques, there has been an increase in the use of plastics in vehicle production (PP 32% , PVC 16%), traditionally plastics would be bonded by either clips, gluing or costly Ultra Sonic Welding

Until now...

tesa® HiP (High Initial Performance) is revolutionising the automotive industry as we know it. A new era of creativity and efficiency is dawning.

It doesn't matter if you want to bond PP to ABS or PA to PC – tesa® HiP offers fascinating design possibilities and contributes to making plastics even more attractive for the automotive industry.

Typical application areas for tesa® HiPs include:

  • Assembly of Door Panels
  • Cock Pit 
  • Dashboard
  • Instrument Panels

Factories with automated joining processes will benefit from tesa® HiP as the product also lends itself to machine applicator heads, which can be created bespoke in order to fit any shape or size required for a robotic arm to carry out its function seamlessly.