Developing a more
sustainable solution
from source to tape

The tesa process

Our suppliers follow the biomass balance approach in the production of our adhesive components, which is certified via ISCC PLUS as a trusted certification scheme for the mass balance approach.

Bio-naphtha and bio-methane are two of the materials used to substitute fossil feedstock (e.g., naphtha or natural gas) in equivalent quantities during production of adhesive components which are used in the manufacturing process of tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen.  

The certified renewable feedstock is then allocated to the adhesive components at our supplier. We then use those materials in the production process at a plant independently certified by ISCC PLUS to ensure that the whole supply chain contains sufficient biomass-balanced adhesive components. This certification demonstrates our determination to meet ISCC objectives.

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Calculate your carbon footprint

Calculate the level of CO2 emissions that can be reduced from your final product by using tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen. Enter a few details on your product’s dimensions and receive your results explained in simple everyday terms that will help you grasp the savings to be made. Visit our calculator tool today.

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