Electronics: Lens Mounting

Screen-Mounting Applications

Our adhesive tapes for mounting lenses and touch panels meet the high requirements of your screen-mounting applications.

High-Performance Tapes Meet the High Demands of Screen-Mounting

There are many different screen-mounting applications that make high demands of tapes. Due to heavy usage, anywhere and at any time, drop-and-shock resistance plays an essential role in electronic devices with LCD or OLED displays. Other requirements are also important, including waterproofing, prevention of light leakage and resistance to skin-related chemicals like sweat (sebum) and lotions.

Our assortment offers optimal solutions for bonding applications such as lens mounting, frame mounting, touch panel mounting, display mounting and back cover mounting.

Product Features

  • High shock resistance
  • High drop-and-shock resistance
  • Chemical resistance, e.g. sebum
  • Light blocking properties

Our Solutions

  • High push-out tapes
  • Reworkable tapes
  • High-shock tapes
  • Shock and push-out technology
  • Chemical-resistant tapes
  • PE-foam tapes
  • Acrylic core tapes