Loadlock Rails being bonded with tesa ACXplus 7074 as an alternative to rivets

Double Sided Acrylic Core Adhesive Tapes for High Performance Bonding

tesa® ACXplus is a high performing acrylic core double sided tape for permanent interior and exterior bonding and mounting applications. The high bond tape offers you new dimensions for aesthetical pleasant, secure and fast constructive bonds.

tesa®ACXplus Product Families with Specific Additional Strength

tesa® ACXplus 704x
Gray / White
tesa ®ACXplus 705x
High Transparency
tesa® ACXplus 706x
High Adhesion 
tesa® ACXplus 707x
High Resistance
tesa® ACXplus 709x
LSE Performer
Description tesa® ACXplus family with outstanding adhesion properties on a wide range of surfaces, available in gray and white. Ultra transparent
tesa® ACXplus product family, which creates an invisible bond on many different substrates such as glass, polycarbonate, aluminum, and many more.
tesa® ACXplus family with excellent immediate adhesion even on substrates with a lower surface energy, such as many plastic and powdercoated materials. tesa® ACXplus family with highest long-term resistance against extreme temperatures, including an outstanding shock resistance (down to –40°C) in cold environments. tesa® ACXplus family for strong bonds to low surface energy substrates (without the requirement for an adhesion promoter) and for processing tape in unheated production halls with temperatures down to 0°C
PV26: White paper liner PV32: White paper liner PV22: White paper liner PV22: White paper liner PV22: White paper liner
PV28: Blue film liner PV28: Blue film liner PV24: Blue film liner PV24: Blue film liner PV24: Blue film liner
Colour Gray or white Transparent Deep black Deep black Deep black
Temperature resistance short term / long term 200°C/120°C 200°C/100°C 170°C/70°C 220°C/120°C 100°C/80°C

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