Kick and Tread Plates

tesa® ACXplus tapes allow you to remove the need for traditional fixings such as rivets, glues and welds whilst ensuring a secure and strong assembly

Traditionally aluminium kickplates and treadplates in trailer units are mounted to the GRP ( Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic) wall using a combination of glue, foam tape and then applying a rivet or screw. Taking into account the cure time of the glue, the laying down of the tape and then riveting the full length of the kickplate the 'normal' process is labour intensive and takes up valuable time - not to mention any time to clean up glue spillage.

Through our vast experience in the automotive industry, where we work closely with the OEM manufacturer, tesa have developed a range of double sided adhesive tapes that will reduce production time, reduce weight and clean up the production process - tesa® ACXplus 

tesa®ACXplus is an acrylic foam double sided tape with very special bonding capabilities. tesa® ACXplus double sided bonding solutions can outperform conventional fastening methods by optimising our customers’ production processes and the quality and aesthetics of their product

The tesa® ACXplus double sided tape is characterised by its strong bonding power on different surface characteristics because the acrylic adhesive adapts to the bonded surfaces.

Aluminium on steel, steel on glass, deco glass on fibre composites – dissimilar materials show different elongations when temperatures change. During the life cycle of a component, static and dynamic forces act upon the constructive bond. Stress arises that needs to be dissipated. tesa® ACXplus is able to dissipate these.

When using tesa®ACXplus along the length of the kickplate, you will remove the need for glue and reduce the amount of rivets, this will dramatically reduce the production and lead time of the trailer and will allow you to provide the customer with quicker delivery and increase your production output, potentailly becoming even more competitive in the market and winning new business

tesa® ACXplus 707x
tesa® ACXplus Acrylic Foam Double Sided Tape
bonded kickplate
Bonded Kick Plate to GRP Side Wall
Full length kick plate
A Kick Plate can Measure up to 18 Metres in Length
tesa ACXplus bonded Kick Plate
tesa® ACXPlus Bonded Kick Plate