Adhesive tape solutions for overhead systems

Adhesive Tape Solutions for Overhead Systems

From mounting to ambient lighting- our tape solutions enable modern overhead systems.

Safe and Comfortable Ambience

Modern overhead systems offer ambient lighting, sunroof, and air-duct systems for customised consumer demands. Our self-adhesive tape solutions support all these comfort and convenience applications and guarantee a secure crash-pad and shock-absorbent mounting that meets applicable safety requirements.

Our advanced converting capabilities and dispenser range ensure that you have the optimal solution package, maximising your efficiency and the quality of your final system and module solution.

Overhead Applications

Our tapes are ideally suited to the challenges of complex overhead systems. Benefits of our system solutions include:

  • Bundling and mounting of harnesses on headliner
  • Mounting of crash pads, shock absorbers, antenna, and FPC of lighting and electronic system
  • Durable bonding of (panoramic) sunroof frame
  • Mounting of the folded “A” surface of headliner
  • Surface protection of console and sun visors
  • Permanent protection of delicate components to avoid BSR (buzz, squeak, and rattle) – such as air ducts, crash pads, shock absorbers, harnesses, and sun visors
  • Light blocking to control and guide the illumination of the lighting system (LED) in the headliner
  • Protection of mirror in sun visors against splintering