Adhesive Tape Solutions for Automotive Powertrain

Adhesive Tape Solutions for Automotive Powertrains

From permanent bonding to wrapping – our tapes are suited to high-performance applications inside car powertrains.

Reliability, Functionality and Enhanced Performance

The trend towards the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption as well as your expectation for better performance create new challenges for the design of automotive powertrains. We develop special self-adhesive tape solutions to ensure that all demands for powertrain applications are met.

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Powertrain Applications

Our tapes are ideally suited to high performance applications inside car powertrains. The proven benefits of our system solutions include:

  • Permanent bonding of friction material to clutch discs in clutches and to synchroniser rings for manual and dual-clutch transmissions
  • Permanent mounting of sensor plates for the gear control in semi-automatic transmissions
  • Mounting of brake shims for disc brakes
  • Mounting of magnets to rotors for electric motors
  • Permanent mounting of battery cells, insulation sheets and cables
  • (Full) wrapping of battery cells and blocks
  • Tamperproof encoding of battery blocks by high-precision laser marking