Blue Light SV

Ambulance and Blue Light Conversions

Custom solutions for a wide range of ambulance, patient transport and blue light emergency vehicle conversions

When creating a lightweight box body ambulance, the last thing you need to do is weigh it down with un-neccessary rivets and welds. Using tesa adhesive tapes to secure the racking or flooring of the ambulence, saves valuable weight aswell as saving time during the production process. The lightweight frame contributes to driving down the cost of running the vehicle and lowering emissions.

Using tesa adhesive tapes instead of a liquid glue in the conversion of an ambulence floor for example will save you time having to wait for the glue to cure, and as our tapes also work at extreme elevated temperatues there will be no risk of the adhesive becoming soft and reducing the adhesive bond of the flooring - meaning no costly repair time. This can also be extended to the rear ramp of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles ( WAV) where the floor can be covered in an antislip material that provides safe and secure grip for the wheels of the wheelchair, preventing any slipping or sliding during wet weather or in dirty environments.