Outdoor Usage

Protecting vehicles and components that are stored or transported in outdoor environments.

tesa® Automotive: Surface Protection
tesa® Automotive: Surface Protection

To guarantee trouble free delivery of products, many individual components must be given early and complete protection. Self adhesive tesa films are used by suppliers during assembly and transit, right up to delivery to the end customer.

tesa’s range of protection tapes includes products for temporary covering interiors, weather resistant films for exterior use and materials for permanent protection.

tesa surface protection films protect painted metal and plastic bodywork, glass, decorative trims and emblems, carpets, upholstery, interior linings from dirt and damage.

Whether by road, rail or sea – tesa protection films protect vehicle paintwork on the journey from production to customer. tesa tapes offer temporary protection and can be removed quickly and easily and can be disposed of in an ecologically friendly way.

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tesa® 4288
natural rubber
114 µm
35 %
tesa® 4621
PE extruded cloth
130 µm
22 %
tesa® 50530 PV3
polyolefinic film
79 µm
800 %
tesa® 50533
polyolefinic film
96 µm
660 %