tesa® Process Tapes for Paper Production: Core Starting

Process Tapes for Paper Production

Proven adhesive tape solutions to affix paper material to a new core or to close reels for transportation inside and outside the paper mill.

Experience is key

We have been a partner to the paper industry for more than 40 years, which has helped us develop our self adhesive repulpable tapes and created tailored products aswell as our tesa EasySplice® and tesa CaRes® - Calcium Resistant, repulpable tapes.  We have been able to offer paper producers all over the world highly innovative and cost saving adhesive tape solutions allowing measurable improvements and efficiencies in every production step.

Our repulpable tapes for excellent paper production

tesa CaRes® icon

tesa CaRes® icon

The increasing usage of calcium carbonate (CaCo3) as a filler or coating pigment in paper production generally proves a considerable challenge for repulpable adhesive tapes.

Calcium ions dissolve and migrate into the adhesive over time. As a resulting in the adhesive hardening causing a weaker bond and an increase in mill splices breaking at the printer or paper converter

Our tesa CaRes® tapes overcome this by offering fully repulpable calcium-resistant, and permanent adhesive. They keep their well balanced properties until the paper reel is processed by your customer.

Benefits of tesa CaRes®

  •  Reliable permanent splices on CaCO3-coated paper
  •  No compromises on repulpability
  •  Well-balanced adhesive properties

Main Applications for tesa® Repulpable Tapes

End tabbing to securely close finished reels
End tabbing
Hole Patching
Permanent Splicing
tesa® Process Tapes for paper production
Core Starting
Flying Splice
Web Feeding

tesa® Core Starting Tapes

tesa® Reel Closing Tapes

tesa® Web Feeding Tapes