Adhesive Tape Solutions for Cockpit Applications

Adhesive Tape Solutions for Cockpit Applications

From bonding to light blocking – our automotive tapes support you when it comes to assisting with creating modern cockpits. tesa adhesive tapes offer 'invisible' bonding which adds to the overall look of the cockpit area, meaning cockpit engineers and designers are free to create without the restrictions enforced by traditional fixing methods

The Next Level of Cockpit Systems

Today’s automotive cockpit systems offer the perfect combination of design, feel and quality. This leads to an increasing number of components and styling requirements. To make sure every customer requirement is met, we develop adhesive solutions especially for cockpit applications.

We consult with customers around the world by analysing their individual process parameters. We offer customised die cuts and dispensing solutions to make our customers’ processes cleaner and more efficient.

Camera lens and bezel mounting
Mounting of electronic components
Permanent bonding and lamination
Permanent bonding and lamination
Trim protection
Trim Protection
Light blocking in displays
Light blocking in displays

Cockpit Applications

Our adhesive tapes are ideally suited for the different steps of cockpit assembly. The proven benefits of our system solutions include:

  • Permanent bonding and lamination of different materials such as leather, foam and fabrics onto different components, such as instrument panels and armrests
  • Durable bonding of decorative trims, heating elements, emblems, energy absorbers, harnesses, frames and gear knob badges
  • Surface protection of trims, touchpads and displays against damage and dust
  • Enhanced driving comfort through the elimination of BSR (buzz, squeak and rattle)
  • Wrapping, closing and securing of airbags
  • Splinter protection on cover lenses of displays and on dashboards during airbag deployment
  • Mounting of display lenses, frames and light components
  • Light blocking on the instrument dial and customer electronics tray