Find out how you can reduce landfill and cost with tesa® Twinlock today

The main advantage of tesa® Twinlock technology is the reusability of the self-adhesive sleeve. When best practices are observed our reusable sleeves have the potential to run endlessly. In most cases our tesa® Twinlock sleeves only need to be recoated when physical damage occurs to the base sleeve or coating. Consistent print results, perfection in print register, cost and time savings in the mounting department, whats more, simultaneously improve your carbon footprint. Contact us today to find out more on tesa® Twinlock is the right fit for you.
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tesa Twinlock adhesive sleeve

Lower running cost

Print Quality

Even after long press times the sleeves produce accurate and reliable results

Process Efficiency

The main advantage of this technology is the re-usability of the self-adhesive sleeve.

Personal & Global Support

We help overcome these challenges by partnering with you to create unique and specialised products that meet your process demands.