PP and PVC Packaging Tapes

Robust backings and strong adhesion, tear resistant and even silent unwind, tesa packaging tapes seal cartons travelling short or long distance and stay secure in differing climates as well as stand up to handling stresses through the package's journey

Filmic Packaging Tape


tesa PP Packaging Tape with Silent Unwind

tesa offer a range of filmic packaging tapes, with various backings, consisting of PVC and PP. Our PVC tapes tesa® 4120 and tesa® 4124 have a stong natural rubber adhesive and offer a silent and smooth unwind. PVC packaging tapes are more tear resistant to PP packaging tapes and can be subject to greater strain.

Our PP backed packaging tapes, come with both acrylic adhesive and also rubber based adhesives. tesa® 64044 is an example of an acrylic adhesive and is very age resistant and has a high initial tack. tesa® 4280 is a commodity based packaging tape consisting of a hotmelt adhesive which is suitable for light to medium cartons of approximately 15kg and is suitable for hand or machine application.

tesa® 4089 is proven as a reliable packing tape to be used for storing cartons in cold temperature environments. Thanks to its product properties, it can reliably maintain a strong bond on most carton types at -40°C once applied at room temperature.