Immediate bonding

Fantastic on Plastic: Request a sample of tesa® HiP

With so many different types of plastic available, it is hard to make sure you can bond them together reliably - tesa® HiP ( High initial Performance) tape will change the way you think about this. Request your sample by filling out the form below and find out how you could save time, money and increase productivity


Cost Saving

Increase production output and remove high upfront costs.

Process Efficiency

Bring process flows to an unseen efficiency with tesa® HiP

Design of freedom

Think outside the box but dont be held back by process restrictions

A new era of creativity and efficiency is dawning.

Be free to create - Say good by to physical limitations

tesa® HiP (High Initial Performance) - The unique Performance Polymer Tape from tesa® is revolutionising the automotive industry as we know it.

No matter if you want to bond PP to ABS or PA to PC – tesa® HiP offers fascinating design possibilities and contributes to making plastics even more attractive for the automotive industry. Typical application areas for tesa®HiP include but are not limited to:


  • Assembly of Door Panels
  • Cock Pit 
  • Dashboard
  • Instrument Panels


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Fewer Investment Costs

Rethink bonding possibilities

Time to invest in the future

Together we develop new processes to optimise your production and integrate automation with our innovative tape solution.

Processing with tesa® HiP is so simple that no expensive investments in machinery outlay and maintenence are needed. 


  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Reduction in welding machinery costs
  • No 'Hollow Stake' studs
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tesa® HiP: the new solution for sticking plastic!

>75 N/cm² in 5 sec