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Let's shape the future
of display design

A new innovation in display technology

Innovation drives us all. With each exciting breakthrough, the possibilities grow. Our high-performance optically clear adhesive tapes (OCA) gives you freedom to innovate like never before. With no compromise on quality, you can focus on creating the next generation of large, curved displays.

Freedom to exceed expectations

HMI manufacturers are breaking technological barriers in display design, so they require components that push the limits of performance. Our range of adhesive solutions offers high performance while our industry expertise supports customers in the creation of an efficient and reliable application process. With our solutions and your expertise, together we can shape the future of display design.

Together we can go anywhere

We aim to make life simpler for design engineers and process experts seeking to innovate in display technologies. Before it is possible to bring ambitious ideas to life, you must be sure that the adhesive materials you work with are capable of underpinning them. That is why we are focused on achieving these goals.

Tesa - Future of Display Design - Design Freedom
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Design Freedom

Discover new design possibilities with high performance OCAs, and the potential of rework and repair for displays.

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Tesa - Future of Display Design - High performance
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High performance

Learn how integrating functionalities into OCA can help prevent UV damage, yellowing, and outgassing of plastic components.

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Tesa - Design Freedom - OLED Displays

Flexibility in display technology

Read which trends in display technology industry experts see and what they imply for the choice of the right OCA - tape. 

Set us a challenge

Defying design conventions is something we are passionate about. Our adhesive products are engineered to break boundaries, giving your teams the potential to push the limites even further. We would love to hear from you about your latest challenges in display technology, so why not drop us a line and find out how our experts can help.
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