Trailer Roofing

A trailers roof not only provides protection of the goods, but also provides structural stability of the trailer

The trailer roof is subject to many stresses and strains - from weather, to air displacement affects when the trailer is in motion. Through all this the roof has to be structurally sound and reliably bonded to the side walls and stiffener bars, typically this would be fixed by many rivets, glue, tape and a sealant, to make sure the bonded areas do not corrode during the life of the vehicle. With tesa® ACXplus 7815 the need for rivets is reduced, the glue process is removed and it also has the added benefit that it doesn’t corrode over time.

tesa® ACXplus 7815 creates a water and air tight seal against the elements which aides the trailers efficiency by reducing any gaps in the bond which may cause drag by moving air entering the trailer.

Another factor to consider would be the trailers journey - different weather conditions like rain, snow, extreme heat, penetration by UV light or humidity as well as very low and very high temperatures – a constructive bond has to withstand many external influences. If materials are bonded with traditional mechanical fasteners like screws, rivets or welds, they can be vulnerable to corrosion, which leads to damage and requires costly reconstruction. 

Further benefits of using tesa® ACXplus are:

  • Streamlined Production 
  • Quicker turn around time from order to delivery
  • Longer life of the trailer
  • High resistance to elements and extreme temperatures
tesa® ACXplus 7815 Acrylic Core Double Sided Tape
Applying Aluminium Roofing to the Trailer
Applying Sheet Roofing Video
Trailer Roof Assembly with tesa® ACXplus