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Our purpose is to make life easier in the plate mounting world with advanced adhesive technologies and a global team of flexo experts. Through collaboration, we help to optimise your production line by saving you time, money, and resources. Our comprehensive assortment of truly dependable plate mounting tapes and sleeves allows us to provide unbiased consultations. Cooperatively, we will find the solution that works best for you!

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tesa® Twinlock at a Glance

Mounting Plate Twinlock
Plate Mounting tesa® Twinlock

tesa® Twinlock is a self-adhesive and reusable flexo sleeve which makes it the sustainable plate mounting solution for flexo printing.

It is made up of a base sleeve, a layer of polyurethane (PU) foam, a stabilisation film, and a layer made from a unique polymer that is formulated to retain its adhesive qualities. When proper cleaning and handling procedures are observed, tesa® Twinlock can be used over and over again. We offer:

  • Three hardness levels (soft, medium, hard)
  • Different thickness coating layers to deliver a sleeve that fits your needs
  • Objective consultations to evaluate whether ​tesa® Twinlock is the right fit for you
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Key Benefits

tesa_Icon_Waste Reduction

Reaching SUSTAINABILITY targets

Why? Because you are saving all that plate mounting tape waste and are reducing CO2 emissions caused by frequent tape deliveries


Don’t worry, just PRINT – leave technical issues behind

Why? Because of our high-quality product design and exceptional production standards

tesa_Icon_Piggy Bank

Cost and time SAVINGS in the mounting department

Why? Because you won’t be buying, storing, mounting and de-mounting a variety of tapes any longer

tesa® Softprint at a Glance

Tailored to your needs
Plate Mounting tesa® Softprint

tesa® Softprint is our well-proven family of plate mounting tapes, which we are constantly evolving in order to fulfill all market needs. The tapes provide the highest levels of both print quality and process efficiency. No matter the age or type of your equipment, what you are printing, which plates, sleeves, or cylinders you are using - your perfectly fitting tape can be found within our assortment!

  • Select one of our state-of-the-art adhesives exactly fitting to your requirements
  • Depending on your print motif, choose one of our precisely tailored foam hardnesses
  • Experience our new tesa® Softprint FE-X EA featuring micro channels in the adhesive for extra smooth mounting
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What’s Best For Your Plate Mounting Needs? Here Are Some Key Influencing Factors for Your Decision:

tesa Flexo Simplified Decision Tree

tesa® Twinlock self-adhesive sleeves or tesa® Softprint self-adhesive tapes? Possibly a combination of both? Let's talk!

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