Mounting of add-on components

Invisible, clean, and secure bonding for mounting panels, trims and profiles.

During its lifetime, a vehicle is subjected to many external influences that can cause wear and tear that is accepted as fair use, however, over time, the vehicles trims and profiles can work free or loosen which need to be relocated to prevent further damage. tesa has a range of double sided tapes that are suitable for many different surface types within trucks, caravans or special vehicles.

tesa® double sided tapes display very high immediate bond strength on hard to bond to materials, like powder coated materials and certain plastics. They also display UV, water and aging resistance for when you need to mount items that are going to be subject to the environment.

They can also make the mounting of trims more aesthetically pleasing as they can provide an invisible, clean and secure bonding alternative to traditional fixings like rivets, screws and glues.

Tapes for mounting of add-on components

Complimentary products for mounting of add-on components