Dry Glazing in PVC Windows

Constructive Window Glazing

Our tapes make new and modern window designs possible.

New Possibilities in Dry Glazing with Tape

Provide your customers with high quality, aesthetic windows by implementing our products into your production process. Our adhesive tapes provide modern, frame-concealing designs, which improve the window’s structural properties and burglary resistance.

Dry Glazing Design Options

Wooden Windows

Simplified profile cross-section, Savings on frame material, More lightweight, slimmer frame

Aluminium Windows

Flush window design, slimmer frames, Improved thermal insulation values, Ideal for residential and commercial buildings

PVC Windows

Reduced racking = better closing performance, Enables larger windows using conventional captive design, Better burglary resistance,

From Production to Destruction

Together with our partners we increase the level of RC, Resistance Classes from RC1 to RC2. We work together with window manufacturers to develop and test solutions that provide higher levels of burglary resistance.