Double-sided Film Tapes

Selected double-sided PET, PVC and PP tapes for Converters, handpicked from our broader assortment.

Key features

Good bonding
icon-quick bonding
Quick adhesion
Excellent on smooth surfaces
Excellent die cutting
Temperature resistant
icon chemical resistance_1
Chemical resistant

Converter picks

Application examples

Displays are mounted onto the device with double-sided tape.
Display panel mounting
Appliance, automotive, transportation
The cover (the lens) of a smartwatch must be bonded to the housing with the utmost precision during the manufacturing process. The tape (red) has to meet a wide range of requirements, providing high adhesive strength, shock resistance, and resistance to chemical substances.
Lens and LCD screen mounting
Lightweight mounting with tesa®75507 75µm Transfer Tape
Mounting of signs and displays
Retail, POS, advertising, facility management
Battery pack mounting
Electrical vehicles (EV)

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