Self-adhesive plate mounting sleeves

tesa® Twinlock, the reusable, self-adhesive, and compressible sleeve that provides consistency in high quality printing

Our customers can benefit from our tesa® Twinlock promise:

tesa_Icon_Waste Reduction
Reaching SUSTAINABILITY targets
Why? Because you are saving all that plate mounting tape waste and are reducing CO₂ emissions caused by frequent tape deliveries
Don’t worry, just PRINT – leave technical issues behind
Why? Because of our high-quality product design and exceptional production standards
tesa_Icon_Piggy Bank
Cost and time SAVINGS in the mounting department
Why? Because you won’t be buying, storing, mounting and de-mounting a variety of tapes any longer
Using tesa‘s reusable Twinlock system supports our plant in reducing waste and consequently achieving one of the group‘s sustainability commitments.

Mondi Bags Czech Republic

tesa® Twinlock sleeves work very well on high speeds.

Walki Poland

With tesa® Twinlock it was not only the potential ROI, thanks to the time and material savings that convinced us, but also the high-quality print results. Our initial investment in tesa® Twinlock technology helps us make optimal use of our overall assembl

alesco Germany

...the cost has returned within 1 year from the purchase. Thanks to reducing the time of mounting process to 50 % we can keep printing press efficiency on a very good level...

Walki Poland

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