Interior Fit-out

Perfect Fit – Adhesive Tape Solutions for Interior Fit-Out

Clean designs with an invisible bonding method – head into the future with our adhesive tape solutions.

Creativity Meets Efficiency with Our Tape Solutions

Innovative and modern designs can only be achieved when the proper material inputs are selected. Our invisible bonding solutions allow you to combine different materials to create interior fit-out designs that help portray the buildings quality and unique characteristics.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, offices for example, have gone beyond being a workplace to become the embodiment of a corporation's ideals, branding and image. Many companies are willing to invest in a work environment that is not only functional, practical and conducive to productivity, but also one that demonstrates their prestige and sophistication. Comtemporary design concepts usually incorporate spaciousness and minimalist finishes, an essential component of which is aesthetically pleasing yet functional.

Key Benefits of using tesa ACXplus

  • Instant bonding: No drying process required, allowing for an efficient production as well as faster processing and storage. 
  • Clean production: Helps retain a healthy working environment with no unpleasant smells and a hygienic production site.
  • Optimal aesthetics: No squeezing at bonding areas allows for less rework and more streamlined, cleaner finishes. 
  • Higher accuracy: Provides constant thickness in the bonding areas for a more precise, stable production process and better quality outcomes. 
  • UV and chemical-resistant: Ideal for mounting transparent materials with invisible bonding, and excellent resistance ensures that it does not turn yellow over time.
  • Fuss-free application: No application tools are needed, thus providing better convenience and reducing investment costs.

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