Realising Design Possibilities

Support the material trend towards plastics and think outside the box but dont be held back by process restrictions

Bonding of Different and Thin Plastics

tesa® HiP

tesa® HiP - High initial Performance

Bonding plastics means pre treatment, long curing times and expensive upfront costs right?


Because with our new tesa® HiP adhesive tape solution we are revolutionising the automotive world: it is the first and only tape that bonds different plastics with different surface energy or different stiffness simply, quickly, and securely.

No matter whether you want to bond PP to ABS or PA to PC its time to forget the different melting points of each plastic and say hello to high bonding values - tesa® HiP offers fascinating design possibilities and contributes to making plastics even more attractive for the automotive industry.

React Flexibly Towards Design Challenges

Think Outside The Box

New materials, new parts, new shapes. The demands on design and adaptations are now enormously high and are becoming a real challenge. In order to make the vehicle lighter, ever thinner materials are being processed that require new bonding processes.

Strong Bonds in All Directions


Multi Directional Adhesion

An Easy and Reliable Way of Bonding Plastics

With tesa® HiP it is now not only possible to combine different types of plastics, like PP, ABS, PVC and PE but also to create adhesive joints in all directions. Our new tesa® HiP - High initial Performance tape is designed to deliver reliable and long-lasting adhesion.