Battery Mounting – Step 1

Reliable Solutions for Bonding and Residue-Free Detaching

With our Bond & Detach® solutions, we revolutionised reworkability by developing tapes that permanently mount components but leave the option open to remove them for repair or recycling without leaving residue.

We Revolutionised Reworking

As electronic device assembly involves a certain reworkability rate, we developed a comprehensive range of products which can be removed easily by stretching the adhesive but which leave no residue. This saves time and money if parts need to be exchanged during the assembly process. While the tapes can be removed easily, the range is also designed for long-term mounting applications and thus delivers an outstanding bond.

The combination of outstanding bonding performance and easy removal is perfect for a great many applications in the consumer electronics industry. Where would you like to use this tape?

Application Examples

  • Battery mounting
  • Lens mounting
  • Component mounting
  • Production aid
  • Temporary mounting