Smart Cards

Smart Cards

From chip bonding to card attachment – we offer reliable adhesive solutions for the smart-card industry.

Contact Card

Contact card
Contact card

Permanent bonding of a chip module into the cavity of substrates is crucial for all smart-card manufacturers to ensure that the cards function properly in daily applications. For contact card assembly processes, we offer tesa HAF®, a complete range of Heat-Activated Films with a high level of bonding strength to a variety of card substrates.

Advantages of using tesa® HAF products:

  • Long-term reliable chip bonding
  • Suitable for PVC, ABS, PET and PC substrates
  • Good workability on all common assembly lines

Dual-Interface Card

Dual-interface card
Dual-interface card

The market for Dual-Interface cards (DI cards) is booming, especially for payment and identity cards. DI cards require a reliable connection between the antenna and the chip module. For DI card assembly processes, we offer tesa® ACF 8414, an anisotropic conductive hotmelt film that can be adapted to common assembly lines without investment. Mechanically embedding the module and electrically contacting the antenna are now performed in a single step, which is as easy as the assembly of contact cards.

Advantages of using tesa® ACF 8414:

  • Long-term reliable chip bonding and electrical connection in one step
  • Suitable for PVC, ABS, PET, and PC substrates
  • Good workability on all common assembly lines (no investment in machines dedicated to DI cards)


Card Attachment Solutions

Card attachment
Card attachment

Every day, a large variety of cards are produced to meet today’s personal and business needs. These cards range from bank cards to identification badges to gift cards and beyond. Up to 20 percent of the manufactured cards are attached to a letter and sent to the end customer by mail. For mailing assembly, we offer tesa’s card label solutions, a complete range of removal labels and endless rolls to attach the cards onto letters.

Advantages of using tesa card label products:

  • Secure bonding of embossed cards onto letters
  • Highly customised solutions for leading machine manufacturers
  • Easy card removal without damage and residue
  • Low set-up time due to the high quality of the liners
  • Highly reliable process control due to homogenous UV-fluorescent pigment
  • Can be applied both automatically and manually