Anti-Slip Tapes

Anti-slip tapes are the ideal way to protect against and prevent slips on surfaces such as stairs, ramps, mobile homes and trailers, and in other work areas.

Adhesive anti slip tapes

Adhesive anti slip tapes can be easily applied to rough surfaces

Safety is paramount. Whether at a construction site, the workplace or around the home - the right precautions can help avoid accidents and injuries.

Our anti slip range is for use wherever safe footing is required. These tapes are the ideal prevention of slipping and therefore help to avoid accidents in the workplace or around the home.

The good adhesion of the product makes it suitable for demanding surfaces such as factory floors etc.

The strong and durable adhesive coating provides a high anti slip effect for up to 1- 2 years in normal use areas and consists of 4 colour options:

  • Black and Yellow Hazard 
  • Black
  • Clear for unobtrusive, discreet positioning
  • Flourescent for poorly lit areas